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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT®) is a beautiful method developed by Dolores Cannon over more than 40 years of practice in hypnosis with thousands of clients.  This technique will very quickly allow people to access that part of themselves that has all of the answers and receive instantaneous healing if it’s appropriate.


Many people call this all-knowing part that resides beyond the conscious mind the Higher Self, the Over Soul or the Super Conscious. Dolores didn’t know what to call it in the 1960s, so she called it the Sub Conscious (SC for short). The SC allows clients direct access to find the origin and cause of issues affecting them for themselves.  They then have a much clearer understanding of why situations and circumstances are the way they are and are able to create change as appropriate.

Sometimes mental and physical ailments are connected to lessons being learned in a person’s present life or they may be rooted in trauma from past lives. QHHT® focuses on the concept that the client will go to “the most appropriate time and place” to address any requests for healing or information.  Some people might better understand the term “Past Life Regression”, and that is exactly how QHHT started, with exploration of Past Lives. Today, with the expansion of human consciousness, more than just Past Lives are available to experience. Some people experience Future Lives, Parallel Lives, Lives on Other Planets, Lives in Other Dimensions. Some people visit the Spirit Side. Some people find themselves in the Akashic Records and still others visit the Temple of Healing.


One of the powerful parts of a QHHT® session is that, with the guidance and support of the practitioner, the client is finding their own answers and healing them self.


In all cases, before healing can occur, an individual must want to be healed.  The healing also cannot interfere with the lessons of your present life or the contracts that were made before incarnating.  We are infinite souls who have incarnated on Earth to grow and learn lessons through our own individual experiences. 


The SC of a blind person would not heal his sight if being blind was one of the key aspects of his life he agreed to experience.  If a subject is experiencing a condition that is the result of abuse or lack of care for their body, and the person has taken no action to correct this and has no desire to change, the SC is aware. Its logic will dictate that there is no point in healing the condition if the subject is just going to resume abusing the body once it is healed.


What is QHHT?
Why have a QHHT session?


A QHHT is a profoundly beautiful experience with transformative powers to help you better understand your life's journey and generate healing on the mental, emotional and physical level.

A QHHT® session can help you to:


  • Recognize your true power

  • Tap into the healing power of your higher self

  • Gain insight into your past lives

  • Find the keys within to unlock your future

  • Release negative blocks that you subconsciously hold

  • Raise your vibration

  • Open the door to who you really are

  • Remember forgotten events

Find answers to questions such as:


  • What is my life purpose?

  • What are the reasons behind my mental / emotional / physical health issues?

  • What’s behind my fears / phobias / addictions?

  • Why have I had certain experiences in my life and what was I to learn from them?

  • How can I improve my well-being?

  • What is my connection with the important people and relationships in my life?

  • Do you need help making a big decision?

To put it bluntly, a QHHT session is a way to bypass the ego to open a space for the Higher Self to come in and lend support where it is needed. While questions are answered, if deemed appropriate, the Higher Self determines what is most important for the individual to know at this point and will take the person to the place and experience in the past that provides insight and healing in a way that is most beneficial at this point. The practitioner is only the guide or interviewer, but it is the client's Higher Guidance that's running the show.

What happens in a QHHT session?


A session takes as long as needed - usually around 4 - 5 hours but it can also go longer.

When you arrive, we’ll spend some time getting to know each other and your reasons for wanting this experience.  We’ll talk about your life’s journey and go over your questions. 


Once we start the hypnosis process you’ll be under for around 2 hours. This part of the session is recorded for you so you can listen to it at home. 


While in this relaxed state I’ll guide you to find information that best explains the issues you are experiencing.  The SC chooses where you go.  Occasionally you go to another time in this current life.  More often you will be taken to 1 or 2 past lives or other experiences your soul has had.  If you don’t believe in past lives or are unsure, we simply call it a story or scenario.  Either way the SC is taking you to the place where your questions and issues began.


Once we are finished with this part, I gently access the SC to answer your list of questions.  We more commonly know this aspect of ourselves as our intuition or gut feeling. And it does speak through us but is often not acknowledged. We all have those moments of clarity where the most perfect words spill through and make perfect sense. Allowing this stream of consciousness to use your voice is truly amazing.


I will then count you out gently and we’ll discuss what occurred and go over the answers you gave to your questions. 


By the end of a session, one thing is for sure. You will not be the same person full of questions that you were at the beginning of the session. It’s common for clients to come out of hypnosis with a look of awe and wonder of having more clarity and to have healing of their body.  

What is it like to be hypnotised?

The way people typically describe the feeling of being hypnotized, is to be in a calm, physically, and mentally relaxed state, in which they are able to focus deeply on what they are thinking about. They usually feel open-minded, and willing to think about and experience life differently, often in a more detached way than usual.


We pass through this state naturally as we are falling asleep and again as we are waking up.  In this state we are aware of what is happening around us, can hear sounds, open our eyes and even walk.  The practitioner is guiding the session by asking questions which the client verbally responds to.  The client is always in control and could leave the hypnotic state if they wanted to since they are not asleep or unconscious.

A QHHT® session has a healing purpose.  It’s not like a theatre show or movie done for entertainment where the subject appears to have no control over what they are doing.



Anyone who is at least 18 years of age and is not diagnosed with schizophrenia or multiple personality disorder.

It is possible for a relative or someone who is personally close to do a surrogate session for someone who is not able to have a session themselves.  It’s conducted in the usual way but is for the other person.

Who can be hypotised?
Is a QHHT session guaranted to work?


While powerful, a QHHT® session does not guarantee to heal diseases or inherent physical limitations of age or deterioration of the body. It is a psychological technique to help find what’s behind the client’s issues and help them move forward.  There are clients who reach a deep trance within minutes, and there are those who only manage to reach something superficial, but enough to help them. Experience has shown that a session is usually sufficient to achieve good results in most cases.


Just as a tradesperson cannot guarantee the quality of a work when the materials are supplied by the project owner, a practitioner cannot guarantee or condition the collection of their fees to the outcome, since it is the client who brings everything to the process (phobias, complexes, resentments, mental dispersion and analytical resistance).

Hypnosis should not be used as a diagnostic tool or replacement for medical examinations.

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