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A Tower of Stones


Kinesiology balances with Chris Franklin have enabled me to reconnect with my life and start Living my true potential and joy.  I Highly recommend Chris to anyone, of any age, who is experiencing any kind of unrest – be it Physical, Emotional or Spiritual.  Indeed, I have found, one of the greatest benefits of kinesiology is the potential to discern the root causes of persistent problems – especially when the source is not consciously known.  Answers unfold with uncanny precision to pinpoint and then resolve underlying issues, allowing Healing and growth to take place.

The ability to gain access to clear, accurate answers, beyond the conscious level gives Kinesiology exciting and boundless potential.  No amount of counselling, doctors’ visits or “talking about things” can unearth and resolve unconscious blocks to healing and balance like kinesiology.

After many years of trying in various ways, with limited success, I have found that balances with Chris have helped me to find, and release, issues that have long been hampering my wellbeing; leaving me blessedly Free to move on and reconnect with my higher self; to rekindle my passion for life and Growth.

I have experienced great gains in Health, focus, direction, motivation, confidence, vision – Life!  I have far less pain.  I sleep better, work better, am more efficient – More Me!!  – Than I have ever felt, despite all of my previous efforts.

I have witnessed my teenage son grow in confidence and peace as fears that have held him back for years were cleared, and physical symptoms, such as chronic neck pain, ease, as a result of Chris’ balances.

Balances with Chris have given us our lives back, uncovering and resolving issues we were often not consciously aware of.  No amount of counselling or medical intervention could have achieved such foundational healing – right from the source of the problems.  We are extremely grateful.

J Ryan, Gympie




I always enjoy my kinesiology sessions with Christine. Sometimes I go to Christine with a specific issue in mind or other times I have a session when I feel in need of an emotional, physical and/or spiritual tune up. Christine is gifted in her ability to unfold the layers of a stress or concern and I find that her gentle, quietly confident, non- judgmental manner allows me to feel at ease. Whilst I feel the benefits of a kinesiology session almost straight away, it is often down the track that I reflect and find myself thinking, "wow this situation doesn’t bother me anymore” when prior to a session it would have. 


My primary school aged son has also been to see Christine and he felt comfortable with her too. The sessions are gentle and non-invasive for both adults and children, they are a great way to clear away worries and concerns such as school, career or home life issues, relationship challenges, learning struggles, early childhood traumas etc.  I’m not sure there are any problems or issues Christine couldn’t help with! 


JE, Noosa




The calm, clarity and pain relief that Christine brings is better than anyone else I’ve seen. I would highly recommend her even when you don’t know why you are going and what you have to solve, Christine will clear it. Love your work Christine!  

Michelle - Sunshine Coast




​I enjoyed life changing kinesiology with Christine for over a year and achieved amazing results through working with her.  Christine is a wonderfully kind, respectful and engaging practitioner that no problem or situation is too great to conquer.  Christine’s soothing nature enables me to fully open up to her without fear of judgement or loss of confidentiality. After an intense session with Christine I am able to break through any limiting belief or behaviours I have had.  Christine is one in a million and I am blessed to have found such an extraordinary person to assist me in achieving all I set out to accomplish or conquer.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Christine to anyone looking for a top kinesiologist.   

Sue F.


This was my first time trying Kinesiology and Chris guided me through my session with professional care, understanding and compassion.

I didn't know what to expect from my first session and left feeling raw and ready for a new chapter in life.

Kinesiology helped me relieve past attachments to stressful mindsets and other triggers that were holding me back from a higher level of confidence and self-acceptance.

I highly recommend Kinesiology by Christine Franklin, one of the most rewarding holistic healing sessions I've ever had. .

Thank you Chris!

 Zak Henderson, Brisbane Australia



I have been seeing Christine for Kinesiology for over a year now. I look forward to my session each time as I know when I come out I will be ‘lighter’ and less stressed. Christine is warm, gentle and great at what she does. Both my husband and I see her regularly and thoroughly recommend her.  

J Roberts, Southside



I had my first Kinesiology session with Christine 5 months ago.  Initial contact impressed me.   The session flowed and she did such a god job, I have only now begun to think about another session.   Christine had asked my Higher Self if I needed another session and was told in another couple of months (which I've been a bit slack about - hence the prod from other realms).   This confirmed for me that Christine does not bring you back unnecessarily.   I wish her well and I will send blessings to her endeavours.



I had a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) session with Christine and found the whole experience life changing.  It was certainly one of the most enlightening experiences I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing.  It gave me confirmation of why I have lived my life the way I have and gave answers to questions only I would know the answers to. 

For 2 years I had been struggling to find employment, and my QHHT session with Christine gave me information I would find work within 3 weeks.  2 weeks after my QHHT session with Christine I secured a top paying job after almost 2 years of trying to find employment and getting constant rejection letters or no response to my job applications.  That’s right – 2 weeks after my QHHT session with Christine, I had a top paying job I love and using my professional qualifications, working with great people.

Throughout my life I have been to many healers all over the world and Christine definitely has a unique gift and is one of the most kind, and supportive souls who was put on this wonderful earth to help people with their pain, suffering and life challenges.

I make this recommendation with huge encouragement to anyone seeking to have answers or looking to achieve their hearts desires because Christine is one of the most extraordinary healers you could ever wish to work with.

Suzie E.


It is very exciting to know that we can have access to past lives if we so choose. Chris Franklin handles the sessions in a very professional and safe manner


LM Gympie


I did not know what to expect, what I got was a session which I'm still trying to process.  Christine was very professional and with her skills and guidance it's made a deep impression on me and has helped me enormously.  Thank you Christine




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