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Initial Consultation

A longer session is required to get to know you, allow you to become familiar with the Kinesiology process and get the feel for being muscle monitored. Clients often find that after learning how to relax, it becomes very easy to work with the Kinesiologist in muscle monitoring. 

2 hrs


Children under 16 years $70

Standard Consultation

Continue to chip away at deep blockages, work on a concern of yours or simply ask to work with your highest priority. 

During a standard consultation I will tap into your inner wisdom to identify stresses which are causing blocks and imbalances to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health eg negative belief patterns, thoughts and feelings.   We will work towards achieving a harmonious state so the body and mind can heal. 

1 1/2 hrs


Children under 16 years $70

Advanced Life Development Program

This 5 session program is designed to identify areas of your life that you would like to improve and then develop outcomes to enhance and grow your life in a positive direction. It allows for personal development on all levels of self; Personal, Professional Mental, Emotional Spiritual, Social and Physical Health.  


Specific kinesiology tools are utilised throughout the sessions to increase motivation levels, brain plasticity and your ability to manifest what you truly desire. We work through old belief systems, energy and emotions that are creating stagnation in your body and life.


These tools are combined with coaching techniques and personal reflection to enable growth and development in all areas of your life. In essence, this is kinesiology based life coaching.


5 Sessions over 10 weeks

Hypnosis Session

Journey to another place and time to access information which can help you in the very best way to bring clarity and healing to any aspect of life.  Gain direct access to your Higher Self to ask questions directly on any subject you choose.

As long as required - usually around 5 hrs


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